Ideas for a Changing World

We live in a time of great transformations.
The Berggruen Institute works to improve our understanding of these transformations to nurture and develop ideas—through global dialogue and cross-cultural exchange, by pushing the boundaries of academia to create new venues for scholarship and in creating new models for governance and policy—so that institutions, policy makers and publics can address the changes affecting humanity.

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Our History

In 2010, Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels sat down with a group of scholars, business leaders and political veterans in California to contemplate the economic and political stresses caused by the global financial crisis, the widespread perception of failing political institutions and Western democracies and the question of how China’s rise would affect international cooperation and governance in the 21st century.

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China Center

The China Center is a hub for East-West research and dialogue dedicated to the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary study of the transformations affecting humanity. Located at Peking University, the Center engages China’s most outstanding thinkers to examine, share and develop ideas to address global challenges.

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“The mission of the Institute is to develop and encourage new ideas for a changing world and to propose practical thinking that can transform society—and humanity—for the better. By building our campus here on the Pacific coast, we hope to advance the position of Los Angeles as a world center for ideas, linking the East to the West. By commissioning this visionary design from Herzog & de Meuron, we demonstrate our intention to make an important contribution to the architecture of Los Angeles and the world.”
— Nicolas Berggruen, Chairman, Berggruen Institute