How COVID-19 Might Reshape Asian Security: With Amitav Acharya

On July 29, 2020, the Berggruen Institute was pleased to welcome Berggruen Fellow Amitav Acharya as a guest speaker for our internal lecture series. Moderated by BI Vice President of Programs, Nils Gilman, the two discussed the ways in which COVID-19 might reshape Asian security.

Professor Acharya, a leading scholar on non-Western International Relations theory, outlined three possible scenarios:

• Continuing engagement with the United States and China without “taking sides”;
• Bandwagoning with either the United States or China;
• Increased suspicions among some countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) and other middle powers (Australia, India, South Korea) of both the United States and China leading to alternative options (including deepening cooperation sans the United States or China; partnering with the European Union and other middle powers; and/or embracing the United Nations framework).

Acharya’s project as a Berggruen Institute Fellow examines the crisis in the liberal international order and the emergence of a more pluralistic and post-Western Multiplex World.

Listen to the full discussion below. Click here for highlight clips and more from the Berggruen Institute’s #IdeasMatter Podcast.