Launch Ceremony of Peking University Berggruen Research Center Held in Beijing

President of Peking University Hao Ping attended the ceremony and addressed the audience
President of Peking University Hao Ping attended the ceremony and addressed the audience

The launch ceremony of the Peking University Berggruen Research Center took place at the Lecture Hall of the Peking University Education Foundation in late December 2018.

The Peking University Berggruen Research Center was jointly founded with the goal of “gathering first-class scholars for forward-looking, strategic, original and innovative ideology and academic achievements, to enrich and develop human civilization and contribute to social change and progress in the era of globalization.”

The ceremony was presided over by Secretary-General of the Peking University Education Foundation Li Yuning. During the ceremony Nicolas Berggruen, Chairman and Founder of the Berggruen Institute, pointed out that the Berggruen Institute has long been committed to enhancing mankind’s in-depth understanding on Great Transformations, cultivating and developing new ideas, and concepts to assist institutions, policy makers and the general public.

The Berggruen Institute hopes to build a global platform for dialogues, promoting cross-cultural communication and accelerating academic and ideological innovations, as well as creating new types of governance policies.

President of Peking University Hao Ping said that Peking University advocates knowing and understanding China in the context of globalization from an interdisciplinary background, which is highly consistent with Mr. Berggruen’s visions.

Berggruen pointed out that the cultures and nations of the world are not machine-made, but different and distinctive. Excellent ideas and cultures draw from the fusion of different civilizations and cultures. The Institute has always respected and attached great importance to Eastern culture, especially the long history of China. The newly-launched Center, which connects the East and the West, will lead us to an inclusive and peaceful world from a Chinese perspective.

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and life science have led to the fourth scientific and technological revolution, and it is crucial for Chinese scientists and thinkers to participate in the global dialogue. As a result, the Center is committed to integrating the disciplinary resources of the humanities, social science and natural science as well as pooling research resources at home and abroad and highlighting interdisciplinary integration. The center will be focusing on the two major themes of human change and global governance, deeply exploring the significance of the “Global Order” to the contemporary era and using contemporary oriental wisdom to solve common global challenges.

Academic Advisor of the Berggruen Institute China Center Roger T. Ames introduced the Center’s recent key scientific research projects and its work plans for the next stage. Ames added that the changes taking place in today’s world are closely related to China’s culture and development. Therefore, the Center is committed to building a platform to spread the voice of China and make China’s voice heard in global discussions.

To promote the launch and development of the Center, an academic committee was set up. Co-Chairmen of the committee include: Former President of Peking University Lin Jianhua, Academic Advisor of Berggruen China Center Roger T. Ames, Chair Professor of the Department of Philosophy at Peking University’s School of Humanities, serve as co-Chairmen. Co-Directors of the committee include: Vice President of the Berggruen Institute and Director of Berggruen China Center Song Bing, and Deputy Director of Peking University’s Department of Philosophy Liu Zhe.

Attendance for the event included: Chairman and Founder of the Berggruen Institute Nicolas Berggruen, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Berggruen Institute 21st Century Council Member Shaukat Aziz, President of Peking University Hao Ping, former President of Peking University Lin Jianhua, Vice President of Peking University and Vice Chairman of the Education Foundation Wang Bo, Director of the Peking University Department of Philosophy Yang Haifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee Shu Hongjun, and the chairs, deans, professors and student representatives from various departments and schools of Peking University.

In addition, experts and scholars from other universities and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Shandong University, the University of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences were invited.

Hao Ping, Nicolas Berggruen, Shaukat Aziz, Lin Jianhua, Wang Bo, Roger T. Ames, Song Bing and Liu Zhe jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Center at the launch ceremony.