Exploring the Seventh Continent

September 14, 2019

1pm Pera Museum – Beyoglu

The 16th Istanbul Biennial suggests a ”new world” image with the Seventh Continent. The dialogue between the artist, the scientist and the thinkers is at the center of two discussion sessions that will open and close the biennial. Anthropologists, philosophers, and sociologists are associated with artists participating in the biennial to propose new perspectives on the Anthropocene that testify to the mutations of contemporary thought. The basic issue of these dialogues is to propose an updated anthropology idea that extends to non-human beings and circulates between feminism, decolonization, cosmology and sociology.

In the opening and closing weeks of the 16th Istanbul Biennial, these speech sessions take a new look at contemporary theory by bringing together thinkers who cross the boundaries between aesthetic and feminist theory and sociology, as well as the anthropologists of nonhuman and philosophers of plant life as a critical response to the views presented by the seventh continent. How and to what extent will the anthropocene transform contemporary thought? Each thinker is paired with an artist from the exhibition, and the short interventions of both end with a discussion.

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