Imperfect Genes: Human Evolution in New Gene Origination

December 10, 2019

6:30pm Peking University Law School Pin Café – Beijing, China

1) Are we a different species?
2) Do we have perfect biological properties?
3) Does evolution create perfect genes?

LONG Manyuan, Edna K. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago

LONG Manyuan is currently the Edna K Papazian Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago.  Since his doctoral research, he has been investigating the problem of gene origination in organisms throughout his academic journey from UC Davis, Harvard to Chicago.   While observing various fascinating processes and functional consequences of new gene origination, he was impressed by the imperfection of genes in functions and evolution from humans to fruit flies. He was further struck by an observed fact that the imperfection appeared to be a normal and basic property of genes.  He is an author of 180 research papers, reviews and commentaries and editors/authors of 4 books in evolution and genetics. Nature, an internationally most influential scientific magazine, recently published a Feature Article to report the research progresses of him and his colleagues in the new gene evolution.