Little Bangladesh Creative Assembly

October 20, 2019

11am Berggruen Institute – Los Angeles, CA

Little Bangladesh Creative Assembly: Sense LA has partnered with various organizations within the Little Bangladesh neighborhood of Los Angeles to host a creative assembly specific to the needs of the Bangladeshi community and residents of the area. The host organizations include Little Bangladesh Improvements, the Bangladeshi-American Society and Banglar Bijoy Bohor.

The assembly took place at the historic Bradbury Building on Sunday, October 20th from 11am – 5pm and was free and open to all.

Sense LA Community Plan:
Sense LA, together with the Korean-American Federation of Los Angeles (KAFLA), have convened all members of the Greater Wilshire area, organizations, clubs, associations and general residents to participate in a series of creative assemblies intended to bring people together to discuss, identify and create more nuanced comprehension of the issues that affect themselves, each other and their communities. Through our efforts, we anticipate the creation of a greater Wilshire recommendation document for the City of LA’s master plan. KAFLA has joined forces with the Berggruen Institute to use a leading-edge collaboration and creativity methodology developed at MIT to enable groups of people to understand problems of mutual interest and to connect to create a holistic vision for every subsection of greater Wilshire. This method of cooperation represents a marked shift in the way community input is gathered. It is also an unprecedented way of creating a deeper understanding of the individual members of various communities and how they feel about their environment.