Robots that Think, Feel, and Die

February 27, 2020

6:30pm Los Angeles, CA

Experience the wonderful minds of Antonio Damasio and Hartmut Neven in conversation on the topics of life regulation, human feeling and consciousness, quantum computing, and the future of robotics followed by select excerpts and interviews.


Select Topic Videos:

Human Vulnerability and Robots

Dr. Antonio Damasio explains how the tremendous intellectual capacity for human beings to find solutions has been built off the basis of our weakness. Can we apply that same vulnerability to robots?

The Idea: Build a Robot with Feelings

Dr. Antonio Damasio explains how our ethics are developed off the notions of our feelings. If you have the possibility to build those feelings into artificial beings, it's possible they could develop a moral compass as well.

A Scientific Theory of Consciousness: Hartmut Neven

Hartmut Neven discusses consciousness. Any scientific theory of consciousness, he says, has to reconcile the third-person perspective of science with our immediate, first-person perspective of the world.

Testing Machine Learning Performance

In this video, Hartmut Neven makes the case for why a system that worries about its own being will perform better than its counterpart.

Quantum Mechanics and Free Will

Hartmut Neven explains how quantum mechanics offers an element of non-determinism that classical physics cannot address.

What Comes After Moore's Law?

In this clip, Hartmut Neven and Berggruen Institute Communications Director Rachel Bauch, discuss how all good exponentials must come to an end.

Can a Robot Have Feelings?

In this clip, Hartmut Neven discusses that it may be possible to design robots that are conscious and possess feelings.