Using AI to Save Lives

December 9, 2019

6:30pm Peking University Law School Pin Café – Beijing, China

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death, as assessed by the World Health Organization. The pervasiveness of social media offers new possibilities for preventive intervention – using AI techniques to detect signals around suicide attempts and estimate suicide risk. Dr. HUANG Zhisheng will talk about the “tree hole” initiative he launched and the technology value and social impact of advancing mental health with AI.

Key Discussions:

• How does AI work with humans to advance mental health?

• How does “tree hole” suicide monitoring robots work?

• What are the technology value and social impact of using AI for mental health?



HUANG Zhisheng

• Tenured Senior Researcher, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences, Vrije University Amsterdam

• Chief Scientist, Advanced Innovation Center for Human Brain Protection, Capital Medical University

• Professor and Vice Chair, Big Data Institute, Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Dr. HUANG Zhisheng’s research interests include artificial intelligence, logic, and multimedia technology. He has published several textbooks and almost 300 papers and book chapters, and currently acts as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Science. He presided over the work of the EU FP 7 Large-Scale Integrating Project LarKC as well as the development of several other major projects. He created the “Tree Hole” rescue team, which uses robots to monitor the internet for suicide attempts, and has saved hundreds of lives.