Fellowship Program

The Berggruen Fellowship Program is a cornerstone of the Institute’s mission to nurture ideas that shape the future. Since 2015, the program has established academic partnerships for its Residential Fellows at premier research universities throughout the world: Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, New York University, University of Southern California, Peking and Tsinghua. In 2018, the Berggruen Fellowship Program expanded its scope to include Research Fellows for the Transformations of the Human program.

Themes range from global and technological development to philosophical and cultural change, with the focus varying within each program area. Although diverse in their areas of study, Berggruen Fellows also collaborate and dialogue with one another throughout their term, providing an opportunity to expand upon and refine their ideas.


The Berggruen Institute provides Residential and Research Fellowships. Residential Fellowships are available in all program areas of the Institute as year-long stipends for mid-career to senior Fellows of outstanding quality. They offer the opportunity for a year of highly focused research and writing on the programmatic questions addressed by the Berggruen Institute’s great transformations. Research Fellowships are available through the Transformations of the Human program as a three-year Fellowship designed for early career scholars who have recently finished their PhD. Typically five to seven Fellows are admitted annually to work in AI and Biotech labs with the aim of building up philosophical and artistic conversations within the lab context.


For more information on current academic partnerships at Stanford (CASBS), University of Southern California (Dornsife) and Beijing University, as well as application requirements, please contact Dr. Jennifer Bourne, Associate Director, Berggruen Institute Fellowship Program.