Berggruen Fellow Mark Paul Testifies Before the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change

Mark Paul

At the Bicameral Climate Task Force hearing on the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), held on Wednesday, June 24, 2021, Berggruen Institute Fellow Mark Paul provided expert testimony on the economic, climate, and social benefits of creating a new CCC, adapted to the challenges and cultural landscape of the 21st century. In his testimony, Mark underscored a number of recommendations put forth by the Future of Democracy team as part of their Youth Environment Service campaign. As advocated in the Youth-led Climate Action report, Mark also shared the need to match financial investments in the CCC to the magnitude of the crises we face. He testified before the Task Force stating, “A new CCC has the potential to generate millions of new well-paying jobs across the United States economy. An estimated 15–23 jobs would be created per million in spending on the CCC, with the exact number of jobs depending on the types of employment undertaken by the program… An estimated $100 billion investment in the CCC would yield an average of 1.9 million jobs, including indirect and induced jobs.”

Read the full written testimony.