Let's treat AI like our children

Nicolas Berggruen

Creative Commons/Pixabay)

Nicolas Berggruen is chairman of the Berggruen Institute and publisher of The WorldPost.

Will super-intelligent machines be our servants or masters? This is a misleading way of thinking because it treats artificial intelligence and humans as if they were fundamentally separate categories.

Instead, what seems to be emerging is something more like human-AI hybrids, extending and transforming our cognition and consciousness. We see the first traces of these hybrids in everyday experiences such as driving around with digital mapping technologies, which have reshaped our sense of space. Similarly, on social media, algorithms generating our news feed have helped to reshape what we know about politics and the world. For now, of course, such software from the likes of Google and Facebook remains air-gapped from the wetware in our heads. But this may change, as neuroscientific advances are enabling direct brain-to-computer interfaces.

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