Charles  Taylor

Charles Taylor

2016 Berggruen Prize Winner


Charles Taylor is Professor emeritus of philosophy at McGill University. He has spent most of his career at McGill, but he was also Chichele Professor of Political Theory at Oxford from 1976-81, and Professor of Law and Philosophy at Northwestern University from 2001 to 2007. He has also taught at University of California, Berkeley, Frankfurt, Harvard, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  His main preoccupations have been the philosophy of the human sciences, and philosophical issues connected with the development of modernity in the West. He has also been concerned with the philosophy of language.  His main publications are: “The Explanation of Behavious”, 1964; “Sources of the Self”, 1989; “Modern Social Imaginaries”, 2004; “A Secular Age”, 2007, and most recently, “The Language Animal”, 2016.