Berggruen Research Center, Peking University

Launched by the President of Peking University and the Chairman of the Berggruen Institute on December 19th, 2018, the Center engages China’s most outstanding thinkers to examine, share, and develop ideas to address global challenges. The Berggruen Institute has committed $25.5 million to establish the Center, which includes a fellowship program, and houses program activities such as lectures and symposia alongside a host of other public events. The Center is located at Peking University.

Professor Lin Jianhua, former President of Peking University, together with Professor Roger T. Ames, Senior Academic Advisor for Berggruen China Center, are appointed Co-Chairs of the Center’s Academic Advisory Committee. The other members of the Committee include Professor Yuan Ming, Dean of Yenching Academy of Peking University; Professor Wang Bo, Vice President of Peking University; and Professor Shang Xinjian from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Berggruen’s Vice President Ms. Song Bing and Peking University’s Associate Professor Liu Zhe are appointed as Co-Directors of the Center.