Council for the Future of Europe

The European Union, with more than 500 million people, is the largest common market on the planet and a model for other regions. European integration has brought to the continent peace and stability, dramatic rises in the standards of living and greater global relevance. It is for the sake of preserving and furthering this historic project that The Council for the Future of Europe believes we must deal boldly with our current challenges.

The Council for the Future of Europe was established in 2011, in the midst of a fiscal and economic crisis that threatened the progress of the union, to promote a common European discourse on how to achieve a strong and more resilient union. The Council aims to inspire confidence amongst European citizens, to influence actors at the highest level without prejudice, and to address the central issues at stake.

To this end, the Council hosted an annual Town Hall (2012-2015) series to foster an ongoing dialogue on how to best address Europe’s most pressing issues, including economic expansion, jobs and opportunities for youth, labor mobility and migration, and expanding democratic foundation of the union.

The Council for the Future of Europe firmly believes that Europe is the solution, not the problem.