AI & the Human

Advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data collection and its curation have ushered us into a new technical era, one equally exciting and anxiety provoking. There is near universal agreement that the effects of AI, of intelligent infrastructures and devices, on human life and living together is going to be enormous. How do we best address the effects of AI on things human? And how do we make sure that the insights that arise from inquiring into how AI is changing what it means to be human are built into AI? As these questions make clear, the stakes of AI vastly exceed the predominant understanding of AI as a mere engineering discipline. Perhaps even first and foremost, AI is also a philosophical project: a project that experimentally challenges many of the distinctions on which our self-comprehension as human has relied on for the longest time –– the distinction between the human and the machine, the living and the non-living, the natural and the artificial, and more. We have assembled a high-profile advisory group, working group, fellows and artists to address the philosophical and political questions that emanate from AI. Our goal is to make the human questions at stake in AI part of AI design itself. And our ambition is to thereby facilitate the emergence of an entirely new genre of productions –– artistic as well as philosophical and engineering. Or all combined.