Fellowship Program

The Transformations of the Human program has three categories of fellowships.

The first is tailored towards junior scholars: For our research projects, we recruit researchers with a postgraduate degree (MA, PhD). These research positions run for three years, contingent on annual reviews, and comprise philosophers, artists, and social scientists who are placed into AI and biotech laboratories. Their task is to discover philosophical questions (instances of the transformation of the human) reverberating in the concrete everyday labor of the engineers and researchers.

Second, ToftH welcomes every year a highly curated cohort of Residential Fellows, who are typically mid-career to senior academics, authors and journalists who work at Berggruen Institute headquarters in Los Angeles or at our China Center in Beijing and are directly integrated in our working groups.

Finally, ToftH is proud to offer Senior Research Fellowships to academic and non-academic scholars: Senior Fellows are typically invited by ToftH to co-design a research program that explores key aspects of the contemporary transformations of the human.